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Jul 29, 2012 at 10:34 PM

Ideas from Sebastien.

Facets module



- As a user I want to be able to filter some content based on predefined criteria

- As a module developer I want to integrate with available filters



- A widget displays specific taxonomy terms to a user. Clicking on these would filter the content items displayed

- The same widget displays some form inputs to enter a custom date for filtering


Workflow (same as for Query):

- Create a new Facet Query

- Edit

- Select Add Group, give a name "Default", Save

- Select add Facet

(a list of available Facet providers is shown, like: Taxonomy, Creation Date, Page:Summary (Text Field))

- Select Taxonomy, a list of taxonomies is displayed, select a taxonomy, check "Allow multiple values"

- Select add Facet

- Select Creation Date, select "Use Drop down list", check Month and Year to hide the Day DDL in the front-end.


Other solution: expose Query filter on the front end